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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

L A R C Development Trust

Data Protection Privacy Statement


LARC and Grange Court, a project for which LARC is responsible, are committed to protecting your personal data, respecting your privacy and complying with data protection regulations.

This statement explains:

  • When and why we collect personal information.
  • How we use this information.
  • How we keep this information secure.
  • The conditions under which we may disclose it to others.

We may update this statement but will ensure that the latest version will always appear on our website.

This statement relates to LARC and to Grange Court, for which LARC is responsible.

When do we collect personal data?

In compliance with data protection regulations we only collect and hold personal information if it is:

  • Legally required.
  • In support of contractual requests.
  • For the legitimate purposes of running our organisation and its associated projects.
  • With your specific consent.

What personal data do we collect and/or hold?

We obtain and retain personal information to maintain an accurate record of:

  • Our Board of Trustees: details required to comply with regulations.
  • Our employed staff: details required as an employer.
  • Our volunteer staff: details required for contact.
  • Those booking rooms and/or events at Grange Court: details required for contact and issuing of invoices.
  • Tenants at Grange Court: details required for contact and issuing of invoices.
  • Friends of Grange Court and Gardens: details required for contact. (This information is collected by the Friends group but stored at Grange Court).

We will make every effort to ensure that any personal information we retain is accurate.

How and why do we use this information?

We hold information solely in order to maintain personal contact with those involved and to ensure that we are compliant with legal, financial, Charity Commission and Companies’ House requirements and ensure that we can maintain accurate financial records and accounts.

Do we share personal data?

We only share the personal information:

  • of Trustees: with the Charity Commission and Companies’ House.
  • of employed staff: to comply with requirements of HMRC and the Department of Pensions.

All other personal information is never passed on to any other third parties. We will not contact you with details of events at Grange Court without your written consent. We also undertake never to publish photographs, use CCTV or other material forms of personal information without the specific consent of those to whom it relates unless this is required for law enforcement purposes. If the material relates to those under the age of 16 a parent or guardian will be required to provide any personal information and will hold the Rights until and only until the age of 16 is reached.


How do we store and secure personal date?

When we receive personal information, we take all appropriate precautions to ensure that it is retained securely:

  • paper copies are stored in locked metal cabinets.
  • electronic copies are held on computers protected by strong passwords and are subject also to a secure back up process.
  • only authorised persons are allowed access to personal information whether stored on paper or electronic copies.
  • our computer system hub is held in a locked room to which there is no unauthorised access and is protected by an appropriate firewall.
  • the transmission of information via the internet cannot be considered completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted over the internet to us, or any information you request from us by email when sent to you.

For how long do we retain personal data?

All personal information we hold is subject to a defined retention period:

  • employed staff employment and payroll details must be retained for 6 years to comply with legal requirements.
  • details of those booking rooms and/or events are retained until after the end of the financial year to which they relate and annual accounts have been prepared and audited.
  • details of volunteer staff are retained until they cease to be volunteers.
  • details of Tenants are retained until they cease to be tenants, with the exception of financial information which we are required to retain for 6 years.

When the period of retention has ended, all personal information will be destroyed and/or deleted.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

You have the right to:

  • request the swift rectification of any changes or inaccuracies in your personal information retained by us.
  • to object to any use we make of your personal information; unless we are able to demonstrate compelling grounds for not doing so, we must desist from making that use.
  • to request the permanent removal of personal information we hold about you; unless we are able to demonstrate compelling grounds for not doing so, we must comply.
  • access to the information which we hold about you; you have the right to see it or to be given a copy of it either on paper or in a machine transferable format.

To exercise any of your rights as listed above, or to enquire further about any aspect of this statement, please contact:

Maggie Crompton, LARC Data Processor, LARC, Grange Court, Pinsley Road, Leominster, HR6 8NL.

Telephone: 01568 737980.